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Welcome to The Time-Stranger Network, an anime/manga focused domain run by Shiori. Here you will find sites dedicated to lovely lady characters and whatever else I've thrown together lately. The current layout features the Sailors Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars & Mercury from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. This domain is now 13 years old so we're getting back to the classics, yo. Scroll below to view available domain content. Thanks kindly for visiting and enjoy your stay! - Shiori


you have big dreams, don't you?

Behold the bulk of the content here at T-Snet, a bunch of moderately neglected weeaboo shit character dedications and assorted oddities. Some people use their academic backgrounds to forward the greater good, I use mine to talk out of my ass about cartoon ladies with great racks. And sometimes other things, maybe.

FUCK YEAH GANGSTA.fuck yeah gangsta. •
A Tumblr blog dedicated to posting all the latest GANGSTA.
news, information and media. This is my primary focus at present.

OH SO MODERN JEZEBELOh So Modern Jezebel •
Site dedicated to Kitajima Yuuri (Dragonaut)
Kitajima is an aloof scientist who questions her ambitions
after she encounters a real, live space dragon. Yeah, seriously.

BLACK CHERRYBlack Cherry •
Site dedicated to Soho Reina (Witchblade)
As mysterious as she is lethal, Reina is a dangerous doctor
longing to rediscover something she lost many years ago.

PASSIONATEPassionate •
Site dedicated to Angel Salvia (Wedding Peach)
Angel Salvia is a warrior who has dedicated her life to avenging
the death of a friend in war. Using the badass power of love.

QUEEN TAKES KINGQueen Takes King •
miniature TAFL-focused fanlisting collective
The place where all my fanlistings are stored. I primarily maintain
listings for obscure anime/manga stuff nobody else gives a shit about.

so brave the pit!

The domain-related stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere. You know, the usual links and credits. That sort of stuff. One of these days I should probably pad this out and add things other people might actually care about but, y'know, baby steps.

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